Our School - Our Staff

2017 Staff

Principal - Mrs Ellen Bax

Assistant Principals - Mrs Donna Brooks, Miss Erin Lewis, Mr David Hopson, Miss Emily Bruce (Early Action for Success Instructional Leader)

KO - Miss Jasmine O'Donnell

K/1Q - Miss Casey Queenan

1F - Mrs Ashley Fitchett

1/2H - Mr Dave Hopson

2/3B - Mr Jeff Buxton

3/4K - Miss Alecia Killeen

4L - Miss Erin Lewis

5/6D - Miss Rebecca Dann

5/6H - Mr Martin Henderson

5/6T - Miss Lauren Tolmie

Learning & Support Teacher - Miss Anne Lannutti

RFF teacher - Ms Karen Keers

EAL/D and RFF teacher - Miss Lindus (soon to be Mrs Lee)

RFF teacher Tuesday and Wednesday - Mr Sven Hermansson

Administration Manager - Ms Kathryn Bridge

Administration Officer - Mrs Deb Dyson

Communication Officer/Canteen Manager - Sandra Moriarty


Learning Support Co-ordinator - Mrs Lesley Buxton

Chess co-ordinator - Mr Hopson

Sport & Computer Co-ordinator - Mr Buxton

School Learning Support Officers - Mrs Jodi Stokes, Ms Crystal Jones, Miss Tian Blacklock, Miss Sarah Henry.