For Parents - Keeping Safe on our Roads

Student safety is a priority at Plattsburg Public School.  The information below will help us keep our children safe.

Arrival and departure at our school.

At our school, please remember:

  • to use the children's crossing on Boscawen Street
  • to remind your child to use the Boscawen Street or Ranclaud Street gates to enter the school
  • not to enter the staff carpark located on Ranclaud Street
  • to remind your child to wheel their bike through the playground to the bike racks located near the hall/B Block.



When walking to and from our school with your children, it is important to talk to them about the hazards and safe pedestrian behaviours.  Some safety advice is listed below.

  • Until your child is 8 years old, always hold their hand when crossing the road, on the footpath and in car parks, and when crossing the road.
  • Until they are 10 years old, always supervise your child very closely.
  • Collect your child from the school gate or pre-arranged meeting spot.
  • Always use the crossing on Boscawen Street.  Never call  your child across the road.
  • Talk with your child about being safe on the footpath.  Point out the dangers of vehicles coming in and out of driveways.
  • Talk about why you need to Stop, Look, Listen, Think everytime you cross the road
  • Reduce distractions.  Encourage your child to stay alert when crossing the road. Remind your child to remove electronic devices and headphones when crossing the road.

If you are thinking about letting your child walk to and from school alone, consider:

  • their age and ability. Are they at least 10 years old?
  • how many and how busy roads they need to cross
  • walking with them, and talking about hazards
  • explaining the dangers of distractions - using electronic devices, talking to friends, wearing headphones
  • getting them to walk with others.